The Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) 2017 Conference is in Schaumburg, Illinois. Please save the date for November 12, 2017 - November 15, 2017.


The Southwest Association of Student Assistance Programs (SWASAP) 2017 Conference is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Please save the date for November 5, 2017 - November 8, 2017.


ASPIRE TRiO (ASPIRE) 2017 Conference is in Salt Lake City, Utah. Please save the date for October 15, 2017 - October 18, 2017.


The Northwest Association of Educational Opportunity Programs (NAEOP) 2017 Conference is in Bellevue, Washington. Please save the date for October 17, 2017 - October 20, 2017.

COE Conference

The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) Conference is in Washington, D.C. Please save the date for September 13, 2017 - September 16, 2017

NCCEP/GEAR UP Conference

The NCCEP/GEAR UP Conference will be in San Francisco, California. Please save the date for July 16, 2017 - July 19, 2017

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Lacai: noun [lah-ky-ee, luh-kahy]

What is Lacai?

Lacai is a Student Contact Management system, designed specifically for TRiO, that allows staff working with students to track time spent and assess effectiveness of programming, also known as a "tracking system" or "database" for your trio program.

How can I justify the cost?

Lacai includes updates, online training, documentation, and support, all for the cost of $1000 per year, or less than $100 per month. A better question: How much time and gas is spent commuting to and from home, school, and office to enter or retrieve data in a database that is only accessible from the office? Do you have to call your IT person every time a staff person is hired or removed? If you're still unsure please view a total cost of ownership comparison with our competition.

Is it secure?

Lacai uses industry standard 256-bit AES encryption (SSL) supported by all major web browsers. Sensitive student information is also encrypted on disk with 256-bit AES encryption as an extra layer of protection. Access to Lacai is password protected and passwords with a minimum length and complexity to meet your institution's security standards can be specified. Our policies, application, and infrastructure undergo an annual third-party security audit to insure we meet or exceed industry best practices.

Is it ADA Compliant?

Lacai maintains accessibility by using built-in browser functionality along with web-based technology to adhere to standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act Section 508 as it relates to technology. For more information, please view our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

Will it generate my APR?

In Lacai, your program APR is generated as a simple report accessed with a single click. We update this report as required per the Department of Education guidelines. This gives you quick and easy submission of your program objective outcomes to the Department of Education every year.