TRIO APR Tentative Dates Announced!

Please see the following dates below for all TRIO programs. We will have links to APR instructions and submission sites for specific programs once the data becomes available:

11/01/2023: Talent Search
01/17/2024: EOC
12/06/2023: SSS
11/29/2023: UB/UBMS
01/18/2024: McNair
02/09/2024: VUB

Texas TRIO Conference

The Texas TRIO Association (Texas TRIO) 2024 Conference is in McAllen, Texas. Please save the date for February 25, 2024 - February 28, 2024.

WESTOP Conference

The Western Association of Educational Opportunity Personnel (WESTOP) 2024 Conference is in San Jose, California. Please save the date for March 3, 2024 - March 6, 2024.

SAEOPP Conference

The Southeastern Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (SAEOPP) 2024 Conference is in Savannah, Georgia. Please save the date for February 4, 2024 - February 7, 2024.

Got TRiO News?


Lacai will keep track of student information, produce easy-to-read reports, and give staff access to student data from any computer any where. We believe most tracking software is too complex; too many buttons, poorly designed layouts, too much confusion. We strive to build the opposite: clean, clear, and concise, from the user interface to the annual performance report. Software should save you time and effort, not cost you days of training that becomes a prerequisite for working with students.



Your site or ours? Does your data need to stay on-site? Not sure if a hosted solution is right for your program? If your IT department utilizes virtualization we can leverage that with a virtual machine running Lacai at no extra cost to you. We can also install Lacai on any server hardware of your choice at no extra cost. Our philosophy is to provide open systems, so we don't pass on proprietary costs to you or your program. The buck literally stops here: with our support contract, no matter what your requirements are, Lacai can flex to meet them without compromise in functionality.

Lacai offers a hosted solution in our PCI and HIPAA compliant, SSAE16 Type II certified data centers or an on-site solution for customers that have policy requiring data to be hosted on-site. We can work with your institution's IT staff to leverage Virtual Infrastructure (VM) or a physical server located at your institution. With either hosted or on-site you get the same fast, easy to use, Lacai TRiO Database Management system.


Whether it is your data or your choice of device, Lacai gives you freedom!

Lacai can interface with Banner, Colleague, or any student information system to save you the time and effort of duplicate data entry. Make your institutional data drive your student success program with Lacai.

Mac or PC? iPhone or Android? Lacai doesn't restrict your choice of technology. It is as functional, fast, and secure on MacOS as it is on Windows. Is your favorite browser Safari or Chrome? Use either one to access your student data. Lacai calendars are accessible directly from your phone, tablet, gmail, or Outlook.


Going Green?

Lacai offers electronic document management via attaching files to student profiles. Student photos, applications, waivers, or any type of electronic or scanned physical document can be uploaded and retrieved from any network-accessible location. Reports can be generated from document types to determine which students may require a waiver or who still needs a FAFSA report.

To increase movement into a paper-less environment, Lacai offers calendar and event management to schedule group and individual contacts ahead of time, and allow students to check into the event with their ID, recording the pre-entered contact information without any further staff effort. Students can also sign-in using touchscreen or mouse removing the need for sign-in sheets. If a paper copy is required it can be printed out post-event.

Contacting students via the US Postal Service can be time-consuming and expensive. Lacai offers real-time address verification on data entry to make sure your postage is being spent on a valid address. For free and instantaneous communication you can text and e-mail students and parents directly from Lacai. Responses to texts and e-mails can then be received and acted upon in your regular e-mail inbox!

Going Green